RFID Technology for Turnover Box & Pallet Tracking

Why combine RFID technology into the pallet & turnover box management?
Many companies lease pallets, turnover box, foldable Large Containers, and other logistics containers in order to offload the cost of maintaining their own pallet fleet. However, Due to the variety of product materials and the increase in the scale of logistics and distribution, the use of logistics turnover boxes and other containers has become more and more, and the phenomenon of loss of turnover boxes has also increased, which resulted in higher and higher management costs. The managing return of these items has often proven challenging for pallet providers.

RFID technology can fast, improve efficiency, and save labor cost during the management of turnout and warehouse operations and logistics distribution in an automatic reading manner. Unlike traditional barcode tags,

RFID tags can be read and wrote repeatedly, and stored information can be compensated and modified. RFID tag provides a unique identification for each re-usable turnover box, pallet when read by RFID readers, allowing transparent, real-time tracking of every pallet through the supply chain.

RFID Selections
RFID tags are classified into two types, active and passive, based on different ways of transmitting frequency signals.

The active RFID tag built-in battery has a long read range but high cost. It is mainly used in applications such as long-range detection of valuables.

Passive RFID tags without batteries, low prices relatively, but read distance and storage capacity are limited by energy power. In the logistics turnover box management application, the working distance is within 2 meters, and the storage capacity requirement is not too large, so passive RFID tags are the best for selection.

The mainly RFID frequencies used in logistics turnover boxes & pallets are high frequency (HF) and ultra-high frequency (UHF). HF reading distance is relatively close, normally not more than 1.5 meters, but the strong ability to read tags through objects. The UHF in the RAIN RFID technology (passive UHF RFID conforming to GS1 EPC Class1 Gen2 or ISO 18000-63 standards)has long reading distance 3 ~ 9 meters, but the poor penetration.

For the logistics turnover box RFID tag and RFID pallet tag management, since the middle distance of the warehouse door is about 2 meters, and it does not need to penetrate the turnover box or pallet, and various commodities, so you can choose UHF tags with read distance range 3~9meters.

What kinds of RFID Tags used for pallets management, plastic crates?
Considering the working environment of pallets and totes, HYAN SMARTECH recommends and can provides four type of RFID tags:

Flexible paper/PET RFID label
Cost-effective solution for the cardboard.
Variable data is printable.
Multiple size for selection.
Customized size is available.

Plastic housing RFID pallet tags
Robust and durable.
Protected against dust and water.
Variable data is printable.
Multiple size for selection.
Installation by screw or insert into plastic container/turnover container barrel.
For example, compliant with the VDA standard KLT turnover box, the plastic crates RFID tag is inserted into a slot and can be replaced after a cycle, or the code can be rewritten for RFID pallet tracking.

RFID laminated PVC pallet tracking tags
Durable, anti-collision
Protected against dust and water.
Variable data is printable.
Multiple size for selection.
Customized size is available.
Installation by screw or glue, affixed to the place where the surface of the turnover box is not easy to be bumped.
Suitable for universal crates, pallets or dollies.
Generally, the previously used tags to be replaced by using to insert card, and the tags are replaced every time when the turnover box is recycled.

RFID Turnover box
Plastic crates RFID tag embedded inside of returnable transport packaging. Customer don’t have to replace the RFID tag. Permanent usage with the universal crates’ service life.

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