RFID Nail Tags for Tree and Wood Management

As we all know, with the development of Industry 4.0, as the little tentacles of the IoT, RFID can always be perfectly integrated into all walks of life, such as retail, logistics, clothing, apparel, industrial manufacturing, aviation, books, medical, etc. And effectively improve the operation and management efficiency of the enterprise. So far, the application scenarios of RFID are still increasing. In some unique scenes that we are not familiar with, RFID is quietly playing its advantages. Through these scenarios, perhaps we will have a deeper understanding of the application potential of RFID.

In order to solve the problem of backward management of ancient and famous trees information, some cities have begun to introduce RFID technology. Add RFID tags to each tree, you can easily track each tree, such as, the age of the tree, the subject, the protection of living conditions and other information are encoded into the chip and the database is updated to confirm that the tree has been inspected, the debris is cleared and in good condition, which can more comprehensively protect the ancient tree.

Due to the characteristics of forest germplasm resource information, the workload is huge and complicated, which requires a lot of manual inventory, and the manual operation is relatively inefficient and easy to make mistakes. After the introduction of RFID technology, the problem of tree and wood management has been greatly alleviated.

Nail RFID Tagging is used in forestry and research applications to label live trees. Moisture resistance and stable performance in varying temperature ranges ensure long-term performance.

Fast and secure installation-the tag is easy to drive into place and is almost impossible to remove.
Rugged reliability-high resistance to moisture, thermal fluctuations, vibration and shock resistance.
High quality-fully automatic manufacturing and direct bonding technology ensure reliable performance.
Variety of chips available.
Consistent chip reading range

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