RFID hotel bracelet keycard from wallet to wristbands

Perforated PVC key card
As early as the 1970s, hotel cards were generally coded plastic cards with hole, These small holes act like traditional metal pin-shaped marble locks and can be replaced regularly.

Hotel key card with magnetic stripe
In the early 1990s, magnetic stripe cards were introduced and became the global standard for key card locks soon. At the time, magnetic stripe cards were revolutionary, and they are still widely used in the hotel industry until today.

Until the introduction of radio frequency identification cards (RFID) in the 2000s.

Compared with previous products, RFID hotel key cards are more durable, reliable, and secure, and have become the industry standard for key card access now.

RFID Wristband
Switching the hotel key card from the wallet to the wrist adds a series of simple and very convenient functions for vacationers.

There is no longer need for guests to carry multiple items in their wallets, or even wallets at all.

There are five reasons which RFID wristbands are more convenient than cards:

RFID technology can drive resorts to use cashless payments.
Guests will not lose their cards at the gym, pool or restaurant.
It has versatility.
Data collection.
It turns out that the use of RFID wristbands can increase revenue and operational efficiency, thereby increasing profits.

A wristband rules everything. RFID hotel wristband function allows customers to complete all these tasks with only one band:

Enter hotel room

Pool access

Locker entrance

Gym access

Cashless payment

Social media check-in

Linked family accounts

Add parents’ contact details and medical details to a child’s wristband

Store other tickets (meal coupons, beach access, rent)

HYAN SMARTECH has provided millions of RFID cards and RFID wristbands to many hotels around the world such as Marriott, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, etc.

Whether you need magnetic stripe cards, RFID hotel cards, RFID wristbands,

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