UHF Rubber RFID Tire Patch Tag

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Our RFID Tire Patch Tag is suitable for a variety of vehicle management. And it can be available in UHF 860~960MHz. People can install this patch tag onto truck or car’s tyres. The tag will enble accurate real-time tracking and supply organizations necesary data to optimize truck tracking and new tire manufacture management.

Product Specification:

♦ Size: 95*35*3mm
♦ Material: Rubber + Spring
♦ Color: Blue or black
♦ Chip protocol: EPC Class1 Gen2, ISO18000-6C
♦ Chip Type: Monza4QT, Monza R6, other chip could be customized
♦ Memory: EPC 128 bit, User 512 bit, TID 96 bit
♦ Reading distance by Fixed reader: 600cm-US, 210m-EU
♦ Reading distance by Handheld reader: 80cm-US

♦ Function: Read/ Write
♦ IP rating: IP67
♦ Storage temperature: minus 25 to +100 degree
♦ Operation temperature: minus 20 to +90 degree
♦ Mounting method: Adhesive, Patched
♦ Application surface: Rubber, Tires, New tire manufacture management
♦ Fields: Storing, Servicing, Anti-stealing and recollecting tires, etc.


Installation method:

01. Check the general area where the patch will stick.
02. Cleaning the surface of the inner liner in the area where the patch will stick.
03. Removing molded-in features such as ridges (strias) or texture (“alligator skin”)
04. Marking the exact location where the patch will stick
05. The distance between the patch center and the lip of the bead will be 105 – 115 mm
06. Applying Vulcanizing Cement and allowing the solvent to dry
07. Applying the patch to the prepared inner liner and applying pressure (“stitching it down”) to assure intimate contact.
08. There will be no bubbles under neath the patch
09. The patch will be tightly adhered to the tire all the way around its periphery.
10. Waiting for appropriate time and make the adhesive system vulcanization (depending on temperature).


There are mainly two types tyre tags.
Besides the 95*35*3mm UHF Vulcanization Rubber Tire Patch Tag, we also supply UHF Spring Tire Tag. One for reparing, and another for implanting. They are both specially designed and produced for tyre inventory management and vehicles management.
♦ 95*35*3mm UHF Vulcanization Rubber Tire Patch Tag is designed for storing, servicing, anti-stealing and recollecting the tires.
♦ UHF Spring Tire Tag is for embedding into the tire mould during the manufacturing process of tyres, where it will last the lifetime of the tire. So it maybe like a semi-product.


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