Tracking & Management: Adopting RFID technology to achieve the purposes of identification, tracking and management on assets, objects or animals.

Hyan Smartech company have developed, designed and produced different RFID products that specially for objects or animals’ management. You may firstly make clear which frequency band of the tags will use into your existing system. In other word, 125~134.2kHz, 13.56MHz, 860~960MHz, which is correct one? And if you prefer any chip?

Go ahead to choose installation methods according to the enviroment of your projects. Normally there are stick, screw, nail, tie, hang, embed, sew, heat seal for objects. And pin with plier, inject, implant, ring for animals. At this stage, you also need to tell us if anti-metal or other optional performance needed? Heat-resistant, waterproof, acid or alkali resistant, etc.

But sometimes it is not a simple thing when you choose installation ways. Meanwhile dimensions can not be neglected. Tag’s sizes have to match the items. Go further, we are pleased to know more of your requests on the customization.