RFID/NFC Readers

RFID /NFC readers is a device that used to gather information from RFID/NFC tag(s). RFID technology allows one or several items to be quickly scanned and enables fast identification. So people can well achieve the identification, tracking, categorization and management of objects.

There are several kinds of RFID readers which operate in a different single frequency band or dual. HYAN SMARTECH company are one of the most professional suppliers & factories of RFID products. We can offer various forms of RFID Readers, such as handheld, Wall-Fixed, USB, Bluetooth, iOS/Android Compatible, and more!

The wide applications of RFID/NFC reader: Access control, Security system, Enterance system, Identity, Parking lot, Logistics, Warehouse, Inventory management, etc.
RFID: radio frequency identification
NFC: near field communication