Magnetic Stripe Card Readers

Magnetic Stripe Card Readers are hardware device which can ‘read’ the information that has been encoded on the magnetic stripe on the back of a card. They are compatible with most ID software programs.

They are also referred to as a ”magstripe reader”. Magstripe readers can read the data stored on high-coercivity (”HiCo”) magnetic stripes or low-coercivity (”LoCo”) magnetic stripes.

Most common uses for magnetic stripe readers:
⇒ ID cards
⇒ Access control applications
⇒ Processing debit and credit transactions
⇒ Time and attendance
⇒ Gift cards
⇒ Library cards
⇒ Membership cards

There are two types of magnetic stripe card readers:
♦ Swipe: Cards are swiped through the reader
♦ Insertion: Cards are quickly inserted into a reader and then removed