Smart Readers & Scanners

Smart Readers & Scanners are electronic devices. They can read the data stored in cards, tags, labels for access control, authentication, online banking, digital signatures, retail management, and other applications. Hyan Smartech company could supply Handheld, Desktop, Wall-Fixed readers & writers and scanners.

RFID Reader is a device that uses radio waves to wirelessly gather information between the reader and a RFID card, tag or label in order to identify and track objects. They come in a variety of style, such as handheld, USB or fixed. When combined with the right RFID software, the RFID reader can identify RFID cards or tags quicker and more accurately.

You will accordingly find the right reader for your tags or cards. In other world, different readers will read different forms of data. RFID reader will reader RFID cards or tags, NFC readers can only reader NFC cards or tags. However, it is contact smart readers for contact chip readers. And you must use magnetic stripe card reader/ writer to work with magnetic cards. Though scanners can only be used to identity QR code and barcode.