RFID Dry/Wet Inlays

RFID Dry/Wet Inlays in this catalogue refer to the sumi-products composed of an IC chip and a dipole antenna (silver, aluminum or copper). The choice of RFID dry or wet inlays depends on the purpose and placement of the tag on an object.

Their differnce is that RFID wet inlays come with pressure-sensitive adhesive on backside. Wet inlays can be directly sticked to where a low-cost ‘peel-and-stick’ tag is needed or converted into smart label stickers. Dry inlays have no adhesive layer. And both of them normally come in rolls.

There are literally hundreds of different types of inlays. Different industries have different requirements for inlays. So there are inlays for pharmaceutical, automotive, retail, manufacturing, and healthcare applications. HYAN SMARTECH company provides various chips of RFID wet and dry inlays for customers to make card, tag, label sticker, wristbands or directly apply them for objects’ tracking & management.