RFID Blocking Cards

RFID Blocking cards has been researched and developed to protect personal data or information stored on 13.56MHz high frequency smart cards such as credit cards, debit cards, identification cards, passports, licenses, membership cards and so on from unauthorized scanning and stealing.

Also known as RFID Data Shield Card/RFID Anti-skimming Card, RFID blocking cards work without battery. They draw energy from the scanner to power up and instantly creates a surrounding E-Field. The electronic field makes all 13.56MHz cards invisible to the scanner. Once the scanner is out of range the blocking card de-powers.

Nowadays, more and more people apply RFID blocking technology to fight against RFID theft. Just simply carry a RFID blocking card in wallet, all 13.56MHz cards within the range of its E-Field will be protected. This is great and convenient. HYAN SMARTECH company can provide both RFID anti-skimming cards and RFID shield sleeves, as well as the premium custom service.