Salto/ Vingcard Card

Salto/ Vingcard Card, Salto hotel key card, or Vindcard hotel key card, is one of the most frequently-used hotel card in RFID field. Both of them, are the leaders in access control, RFID and Mifare Technology. Business owners and managers can well monitor access history and record.

Salto cards and fobs are simple to use and extremely efficient. They are SVN (Salto Virtual Network) friendly. The cards are protected for great levels of data security for Salto systems. This will give end user full control at all times.

Our Ving Hotel Key Cards, with encryption, are perfectly compatible with Vingcard system for door, room access, while are much more competitive on price. Here you can also get the newest version Ving cards for new Vingcard system.

Hyan Smartech could supply Salto or Ving cards for your different sysmtems. Optional encrypted chip could be MIFARE Ultralight EV1, Ultralight C, Mifare 1K or Mifare 4K.