RFID Playing Card

RFID Playing Card, also named as RFID poker Card. This kind of card can work well to against cheating. It is a deck of 52 poker sized playing cards, with standard size 2.5″ x 3.5″ (88*63*0.35mm). Hyan Smartech company could also supply 89*57mm one.

You almost certainly encounter RFID in your daily life and not even realize it. In recent years, a new kind of hole card technology has been making its way into live poker: radio-frequency identification (RFID) playing cards and tables.

Rather than using any kind of camera, RFID uses special cards or tags equipped with rfid chips. And the RFID readers are positioned in certain spots on the table. It will read the tag and send the data to tournament or TV production computers.

Hyan Smartech manufacutre matte smooth or frosted finish for RFID playing cards. The effect will reduces glare for better on-screen clarity. We can 100% support your custom for RFID poker cards. Optional chips come in ISO14443A, ISO15693 even ISO 18000-6C protocol standards.

Let’s explore endless possibilities of hosting card games!