LF 125kHz RFID cards (proximity ID cards) are commonly used in applications which do not require very high security level. Such as motel card, door access control, time Attandance, primary school card, library card, and loyalty card, etc.

Protocol: ISO11784/11785, ISO18000-2
Chips: TK4100, T5577, HITAG1/2, EM4100/EM4200/ EM4305, etc.

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The term “Proximity card” refers to the older 125 kHz devices as distinct from the newer 13.56 MHz contactless smartcards. Second generation prox cards are used for mass and distance reading applications. Proximity cards typically have a read range of up to 50 cm; this is the main difference from the contactless smartcard with a range of 2 to 10 cm.