Hybrid Chip Cards are fitted with two or more different chips. They can consist of a mixture of two (or more) different RFID antennas & chips. As well as a contact and contactless chips, which known as dual interface.

You may firstly make clear these info below:

• Hybrid cards- Contact+Contactess OR Contactless+Contactless
• Dual Interface Cards- contact+contactless
• Dual RFID Chip Combo Card (also Dual Frequency Cards)- Contactless+ Contactless

So there are always other names for Hybrid Cards:

• Hybrid Smart Cards (For all possible mixture)
• Dual Chip Cards (Possible for contact+contactless chip or contactless x 2)
• Dual Interface Cards (For contact+contactless)
• Hybrid Dual RFID Chip Cards (For different frequency RFID chips-> LF+HF, HF+UHF, LF+UHF, even LF+HF+UHF)
• Dual Frequency Cards (same as above)
• RFID Combo Cards (same as above)

Hybrid Cards brings much benefits. Hyan Smartech company could make and provide high quality products for your specific applications or projects.