RFID Technology Brings a Revolution in Library Management

“Without books in life, it’s like there is no sunshine; There are no books in wisdom, just like birds without wings. ” – Shakespeare Books are the ladder of human progress, making us the heirs of the spiritual life of previous eras. In today’s stressful and fast-paced life, many people say that reading can help people find a slow-paced world in a fast-paced life. As a result, the number of people who love to read is increasing, but the problems they face [...]

RFID Nail Tags for Tree and Wood Management

As we all know, with the development of Industry 4.0, as the little tentacles of the IoT, RFID can always be perfectly integrated into all walks of life, such as retail, logistics, clothing, apparel, industrial manufacturing, aviation, books, medical, etc. And effectively improve the operation and management efficiency of the enterprise. So far, the application scenarios of RFID are still increasing. In some unique scenes that we are not familiar with, RFID is quietly playing its advantages. Through these [...]

ECO Friendly Plastic Free RFID Inlay

The RFID inlay (comprised of microchip, base substrate and antenna) is the functional part of an RFID tag label that encodes the identifying information. RFID wet inlays are passive inlays with an adhesive backing that already die-cut into piece, which can be either applied to a product directly or converted into smart labels. RFID Dry inlay is semi-products that does not include the adhesive layer. PET based aluminum etching antenna mainly used in the market. However, the fabrication process of [...]

RFID hotel bracelet keycard from wallet to wristbands

Perforated PVC key card As early as the 1970s, hotel cards were generally coded plastic cards with hole, These small holes act like traditional metal pin-shaped marble locks and can be replaced regularly. Hotel key card with magnetic stripe In the early 1990s, magnetic stripe cards were introduced and became the global standard for key card locks soon. At the time, magnetic stripe cards were revolutionary, and they are still widely used in the hotel industry until today. RFID Card Until the introduction of [...]

RFID Technology in Cold Chain Logistics

As the globalization of the world economy accelerates, the demand for response speed in the supply chain continues to increase, prompting the global logistics industry to continuously explore new technologies that can improve efficiency and service quality. Modern logistics makes full use of information technology to organically combine transportation, warehousing, loading and unloading, processing, sorting and distribution to form a complete supply chain. The fundamental purpose of modern logistics is to improve logistics efficiency, reduce logistics costs, meet customer [...]

RFID Technology for Turnover Box & Pallet Tracking

Why combine RFID technology into the pallet & turnover box management? Many companies lease pallets, turnover box, foldable Large Containers, and other logistics containers in order to offload the cost of maintaining their own pallet fleet. However, Due to the variety of product materials and the increase in the scale of logistics and distribution, the use of logistics turnover boxes and other containers has become more and more, and the phenomenon of loss of turnover boxes has also increased, which [...]

The Top 10 Benefits of Using RFID for Events

Chances are, you’ve heard the buzz about RFID for events. The wireless event tech has become standard at the country’s top music festivals, with fans proudly wearing their RFID wristbands year-round like badges of honor. But RFID (which stands for Radio Frequency Identification) isn’t just for the huge music festivals anymore. From cashless food and drink festivals to races using RFID badges, the tech can be used for all types of events to delight attendees with shorter lines and interactive [...]

What is Animal RFID tags?

The animal RFID tags enable users such as livestock farmers, breeders and veterinarians to track livestock or identify pets and exotics, as well as laboratory animals. These tags can be used for many applications such as farming, laboratory research and even for pet owners. HYAN SMARTECH provides a diverse selection of RFID tracking devices including animal RFID tags that enables farmers, breeders, and veterinarians to fulfill their traceability and identification needs. The RFID tags for animals are available at a [...]

New Printing Technology for 125KHz EM4100 Keyfob

HYAN SMARTECH has developed a new 125KHz EM4100 keyfob printing technology. The 125KHz EM4100 keyfob printed with this new technology has a clear concave and convex shape, and the color is beautiful, and the gradient can be printed. This kind of printing is very strong, that is, it is difficult to hang using a blade, and it will not fade when used frequently. 125KHz EM4100 keyfobs combine the advantages of RFID technology with a key chain. The robust universal key [...]

Automatic Precision Management of Chemical Reagents RFID Cabinets

The HYAN SMARTECH RFID Cabinets uses the technology of RFID Internet of Things to identify each chemical reagent embedded with RFID electronic tag, and real-time monitor the information of items in the cabinet through the internal of the cabinet for the RFID monitoring system. RFID Cabinets determines user information by fingerprint or personnel card. Visual system will take the initiative to prevent others from stealing personnel card and fingerprint information at the moment when the user opens the door. [...]